2023 Marshfield Cultural Fair
UW-Stevens Point at Marshfield Campus

February 25th, 2023 - Exhibitor/Vendor Registration Form

Alternatively - if you are comfortable downloading a Microsoft Word File - Use this form

We will participate in the 2022 Cultural Fair:

Group name:

Our organisation is

Contact Person Mailing Address:


Booth Table/Space Reservation Needs

Informational/Sales Booth (1Table/2 chairs) $25.00
Additional table(s)/space(s) $25.00 each
Electricity (add $5)
Plan to sell items?

If yes, please see our Vendor Form

Plan for HANDS ON activity

Any special needs

Participants will receive an e-mail confirmation between January 25th and February 1st

Please make checks payable to MACF-Cultural Fair. Print and mail completed form and check to: Prof. Ryan O'Leary, c/o UW Marshfield/Wood County, 2000 W. 5th Street, Marshfield WI 54449.

Prohibited Practice Agreement

Please Read, Sign and Return with Your Registration

This document is an addendum to the contractual agreement between performers, venders, and the UW Marshfield/Wood County Cultural Fair Committee. The purpose of this document is to clarify criteria for prohibited activities.

Any proposed activity/display cannot serve as an overt political, religious, or propaganda platform and proselytizing is prohibited. Religious affiliated groups and individuals can provide information about international, domestic, ethnic, social justice, and charitable connections. Again, the purpose of this document is to promote and ensure the multicultural and inclusive spirit of the event so as to foster a celebration of harmony and respect for the diversity of the community.

The Marshfield Cultural Fair Committee appreciates your participation and effort to uphold these criteria.

I understand as the representative for Failure to follow the criteria listed above in the second paragraph can result in the invitation being suspended for one year.


For questions email Ryan O'Leary at roleary@uwsp.edu