How Can I Get Involved With the Fair?

Visit & Have A Great Time!

Pick a great Fair attitude. The Fair is a unique opportunity to explore and learn about the cultures, the family histories and the civic activities that all come together to make our community so wonderful. Take your time as you go through the Fair, talk with everyone, explore everything. The Fair is about sharing and learning. No question is a dumb one. Decide to approach people and things that are different from you and learn about them. The Fair embraces the richness of diversity in our community and we ask you to do so as well with respect for each other, and joy in having a time to do this. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing as you will be exploring and maybe dancing a bit to the entertainment.

Bring money as our exhibitors will be selling all sorts of amazing items from their cultures, home countries and civic activities.

Bring an appetite. Our food court will have a great selection of foods for sale. Consider making lunch at the Fair your main meal of the day.

Take photos and share them with family, friends and with us on Facebook.


Help on the organizing committee. Volunteer to help on the day of the event.

Contact us if you're interested!
Current volunteer schedule as of 2/14/19

Exhibit At the Fair

Got something to show off? Create a display (cultural/ethnic origins, international connections/service, etc.). Or rerform (music, dance, theater, poetry, etc.) Offer an educational program (travel, service abroad, social justice and environmental themes, etc.). Complete instructions are on the form below.

Exhibitor Form

Share Some Food at the Fair

Do you have some cultural food to bring to the fair? Use this form.

Food Vendor Form

Be a S.T.A.R.

Be a STAR at the Cultural Fair!
As a food vendor for the 2019 Marshfield Cultural Fair, we invite you to participate in the Samples Tasting And Review (STAR) competition. To compete you need to offer a sample size option of your food choices for Fairgoers. In addition to the Fairgoers who try your samples, there will be STAR Judges who will purchase your sample size portion (you select what goes into the sample) and they will complete a review of your food sample and submit that to us. Samples will be judged on appearance, aroma and taste. A STAR sample size will cost 1 ticket.
We will add up STAR Judge reviews and the food vendor with the highest reviews is the STAR of the Fair.
Grand Prize: Your food vendor fee is waived and you will be included in our website and Facebook as the STAR.
If you wish to enter the STAR competition please write that on your Food Vendor application. If you have already submitted your Food Vendor application, please contact us and let us know you want to be a STAR.