Aaron and Michele Kaplan form the group Aarochele, an eclectic folk/blues/rock married couple duo that sometimes also includes their son as a guest performer. Aaron is a guitarist and singer-songwriter. Michele is a flutist and singer-songwriter. Aarochele offers a fresh new interpretation to old spirituals, folk songs and blues. Original song writing was how the couple met in the summer of 2002 and they have been performing together since 2004. Over the years their appreciation for American roots music has grown inspiring them to share this music with the Marshfield community where they live.


The members of Kasay are from different parts of Ecuador. They met in Madison WI many years and now play traditional music from the Andes with the traditional instruments flute,guitar,charango,violín and bandolín.
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Foxfire Affair

Daniel and Claire make up the acoustic duo, "the foxfire affair." These multi-instrumentalists entertain with an acoustic guitar, mandolin, cajon, and other instruments to complement their varied musical selections. While trading off lead vocals and harmonies, they will span several centuries of music playing everything from Irish traditionals to sea shanties, American folk to rock, and a touch of original material. Not only are they married to one another but also to their craft. They love performing and sharing music with others.
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Ko Thi Dance Company

Comprised of artists trained in the history, mythology and techniques of art forms within the African Diaspora. The KO-THI Dance Company uses a myriad of traditional instruments, authentic costumes, infectious music and extraordinary dance to educate and bridge the gap between cultures. Dedicated to the preservation and performance of traditional African-American and Caribbean dance and drumming, this ensemble captivates and inspires. Created in 1969, KO-THI DANCE COMPANY offers its audiences and students over 42 years of research, training and expertise. The Company is Wisconsin's national and international touring gem.
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Main Street Conservatory of Dance

M.S.C.D. provides dance opportunities to students of every level, from beginner to pre-professional and from the age of three to adult. Out professional staff is dedicated to providing a strong, technique-based dance education to our students in a safe, caring and nurturing environment. We know that this experience will better our students' future- giving them more self-confidence, teaching them the importance of discipline, respect & organization and hopefully instilling a life-long love & appreciation for the art of dance.
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Pommersche Danz Gruppe (Pomeranian Dance Group)

The dancers perform German folk dances from their native homeland, a German province named Pomerania that was absorbed into Poland in 1945 at the end of WWII. The dancers' love of music and culture, plus their enthusiasm, and encouragement from their audiences, has continued to make them a popular and unique group. The brilliant colors of their authentic costumes, the "Jamunder Tracht", catch your eye as they perform such numbers as the Putt Yenter and Sauerlander Quadrille. The Quadrille depicts the workings of a Coo-coo Clock. As with many dances and customs, Quadrilles first became popular at the royal courts and then they were adopted by the general public.
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Riya Trypathi

Bharati Tripathi, also known to many, as Riya, has recieved training in the Indian classical dance form of Kathak since she was four years old. She is a masters of arts in Kathak from the Prayag Sangeet Samiti. She belongs to the Lucknaw Gharana, one of the three main gharana's of Kathak in India. Her presentation and style is heavily influenced by Pandit Birju Maharaaj. She loves to teach. She engages her students and audience in learning and celebrating dance; that emphasizes the exhuberence of life.

Salsa Manzana

Salsa Manzana is an authentic Salsa Band of Lawrence University students, alumni & professors combined with other veteran local and Caribbean musicians.
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Sloppy Joe

Sloppy Joe has been performing since 1998, and have garnered a dedicated fan base in the process throughout these last 20+ years. The band's performance draws on a deep well of original songs that are frequently combined with bluegrass classics, as well as tunes from some of their favorite songwriters that have influenced them through the years. Band members can often be seen swapping instruments such as guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin and upright bass around the stage during their performances. The originality of their sound and subject matter is the refreshing difference that sets their music (lovingly penned 'Slopgrass') apart from any other stage style. Their dynamic and exciting song presentation, with its extremely danceable backbeat, keeps audiences thoroughly entertained and coming back for more.
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Eclectique: A Jazz Duo of performers from the group TRISIS

TRISIS is a trio of musical sisters who, as youngsters, were inspired by their grandmother's collection of old Hit Parade records. Initially focused on sibling groups like the Boswell Sisters, they started out specializing in vintage vocal harmonies popular from the 1920s to the 1950s. Over time, their style has grown and now focuses on contemporary popular music performed with vintage-style sensibilities. Since 2011 when they began performing live, audiences throughout Wisconsin, from Lake Superior’s Big Top Chautauqua to The Capitol Theater in Madison, have enjoyed these unique shows. Beyond the Midwest, TRISIS has also been featured on syndicated public radio broadcasts across the US and Canada.
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