All Related, Each Unique: The Marshfield Cultural Fair

Upcoming Virtual Events

Join in on a live, virtual Facebook performance by the reggae band Natty Nation!! This free Marshfield Cultural Fair event, in conjunction with Black History Month, will take place on Sat., February 20, 2021, from 6:30-7:30pm. As described on their website “ The group describes themselves as hard roots rock reggae because in addition to their honest and authentic roots reggae foundation, their embrace of soul, rock, and funk is undeniable.. Our ultimate goal is to uplift as many people as possible through sound and vibration.” To watch a replay of the stream, please check this link!

March 17th will feature the local group, The Foxfire Affair, performing Irish music for St. Patrick's Day. Tune into the Marshfield Cultural Fair Facebook page to view this performance from 6:30-7:30pm. Local restaurant, Nutz Deep, will be planning a special St. Patrick's Day meal for carry-out!! Click this link or the panel below to get a reminder for the stream!

The Cultural Fair started in 2004 and has been held annually since then. Each year, no matter what February weather throws at us, over 1,600 people attend the Fair. People of all ages and many cultures participate in sharing stories, music, performances, and food. And each year we create a sense of a village celebrating its amazingly rich diversity. Essential to a village celebration is a sense of safety for all.
Due to the persisting uncertainties with the COVID pandemic, we must make the very difficult decision to cancel the 2021 Cultural Fair. Between the exhibitors, entertainers, food vendors, speakers and volunteers, it takes over 100 people to stage the Fair and our planning occurs many months before the actual Fair. While this might seem early, due to the severity of the pandemic and no certainty of when it will be safe again to hold large gatherings, we have to ensure everyone’s safety and do the difficult thing and cancel the 2021 Fair.
And, like you during this difficult time, we will find alternative safe ways to gather and have a sense of a village celebration. We are working on some exciting options so check our website and our Facebook page for updates!


The Marshfield Cultural Fair is a project of the Marshfield Cultural Fair Association (MCFA) of Marshfield, Wisconsin and its partners: the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point at Marshfield Office of Continuing Education & Marshfield Social Justice. MCFA is a non-profit organization under the umbrella of the Marshfield Area Chamber Foundation.

The Goals of the Marshfield Cultural Fair

The goals of the Marshfield Cultural Fair are to:
Increase awareness and understanding of, and pride in, the cultural and ethnic diversity of the community.
Create an atmosphere of neighborly celebration.
Educate the community about the international/ethnic/cultural connections of its individuals, businesses and organizations.
Bring ethnic minorities into the community mainstream.

Visit & Have A Great Time!

Pick a great Fair attitude. The Fair is a unique opportunity to explore and learn about the cultures, the family histories and the civic activities that all come together to make our community so wonderful. Take your time as you go through the Fair, talk with everyone, explore everything. The Fair is about sharing and learning. For example, ask about favorite hobbies or sports. Ask about favorite foods. Ask what they notice as similar and different between cultures. Ask about favorite family stories or stories of their culture. Ask about their holidays and celebrations. Decide to approach people and things that are different from you and learn about them. The Fair embraces the richness of diversity in our community and we ask you to do so as well with respect for each other, and joy in having a time to do this. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing as you will be exploring and maybe dancing a bit to the entertainment.

Bring money as our exhibitors will be selling all sorts of amazing items from their cultures, home countries and civic activities.

Bring an appetite. Our food court will have a great selection of foods for sale. Consider making lunch at the Fair your main meal of the day.

Take photos and share them with family, friends and with us on Facebook.